Driving By Laws
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Teen Driver Education
Driver Education Center
Classroom instruction includes:

  • Learner's Permit Classes - NOW available online (additional fees apply)
  • complete remaining 13 classroom days at Johnson or Hays High School
  • Obtain permit & start driving immediately
  • Students have 12 months to complete entire training    

In-Car instruction includes: 

• 7 driving hours scheduled via email @ dbl@austin.twcbc.com 

Hours 1-3 students learn traffic law, driving procedures & driving techniques. Process of guided learning.

​Hours 4-6 Introduction of decision making capabilities students use decision making techniques & driving strategy in coordination with Texas traffic laws while multi-tasking in simple, moderate & complex driving environments. Students understand that their decisions are based on “when it is safe to do so” when performing turns, right of way, lane changes, entering the freeway and numerous complex driving situations. These hours allow the instructor to gauge the progress of each student’s ability to identify potential hazardous situations, judging speed and distance, and their development of defensive driving skills.  

•​ Hour 7 This final analysis allows the instructor to evaluate a student’s comprehension of driving procedures, knowledge of traffic laws, and their decision making abilities.