Driving By Laws
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     Emergency Reaction Collision Avoidance Driver Training allows students to gain an understanding of their  own limitations and capabilities as well as the limitations and capabilities of the vehicle.

Exercises to be experienced as described:

.....Forward Serpentine allows participants to gain an understanding of the importance of safety belts and using both hands on the steering wheel.   

.....Reverse Serpentine allows participants to gain an understanding of the techniques of mirror use and speed and steering control.  

.....Off Road Recovery provides participants the "hands-on" experience of safely returning to the roadway after leaving the paved roadway in order to prevent the head-on or roll-over collision. 

.....Split Second Decisions allows participants, under simulated circumstances to gain an understanding of  travel and reaction time when responding to an emergency situation. A Real Eye Opener   

.....Texting & Driving allows participants to experience their own limitations and dangers of distracted driving and the importance of maintaining full attention.   

.....Drunk Goggles allows participants to experience various levels of simulated blood alcohol levels, while traversing through low speed exercises.  

Collision Avoidance $225